What is an ebblink?

An ebblink is a protected link to a photo, with an expiration date. The link can be shared easily, but the image cannot be downloaded and it is removed automatically after the expiration date you set.

What does ebblink do?

ebblink is simple: select a time, upload a photo to our server and we will give you a link to your photo that will automatically expire after the time you chose has elapsed.

How can I use ebblink?

Use ebblink to share photos using your favorite apps (you can text, post or email the links we give) while giving you full control of who sees those images and for how long.

Why should I use it?

If you want all the fun of sharing images and without having to worry about where those images end up, ebblink is your app.

What is the difference between the web app and the iOS app?

The iOS app has several additional nice features: you can revoke access to any image you shared at any time, you will get notifications when someone likes your images, and you will be able to see how many times an image was viewed. Give it a try! Download now!

How are images secured?

Each image is encrypted so that those who do not have access to the password cannot view them. When the image expires, password and image are removed from our servers.

Can a user having access to an ebblink download an image from the corresponding webpage?


When I share an image doesn’t it stay in the cloud?

Your images are stored on the cloud while they are being shared but because they are encrypted they cannot be opened by people who don’t have the link or password. As soon as an image is no longer being shared the image is removed.

How long can I share an image for?

You can select how long an image is available using the selector before uploading an image. You can share for up to a year.

Can I choose to start sharing an image in the future?

No. The image will start sharing as soon as you upload it.

Can I delete an image that has already been shared?

No. This feature is not available using the web app. But, if you are using the iOS app you can delete an image you shared anytime after sharing it. It will no longer be available to those you shared it with.

What if someone takes a screenshot?

If someone takes a screenshot of one of the photos you shared, they can only get a reduced resolution image, but they won’t have access to the original.